Greek police execute the Albanian, Ilia (Ilir) Kareli

ilia ilir kareli
Ilia (Ilir) Kareli the Albanian prisoner in Greece who murdered with knife guard of prison in Melandria passed away at early morning of March 28, 2014 on cells of prison of Serres where was transferred one March 27 after the crime.

Autopsy Results

Every minute which passes gives more valid information about reasons which took life of Ilir Kareli in solitary confinement, a cell which was specially created for Albanian prisoner Ilia (Ilir) Kareli after he murdered with knife Greek guardian Jorgos Cironis. Results of autopsy prove that his death came as a result of trauma from blows.

 Autopsy results confirm that 40-year-old had chest fractures and multiple injuries on the body. According to doctors who have signed expertise results, collisions are caused more than 24 hours and not with arms, but with other means, with objects.

The coroner has already stated that violations of multiple shocks, Karelin was tortured. In the palm shock had signs that are interpreted as signs of the electric media. Albanian body is expected to return from Thessaloniki in Nigrita to be taken from his relatives.

Greek media published earlier testimony of prison officials, according to which, when Carrel arrived in prison yesterday around 16:00, the body had signs of shock, scratches and hematoma. He never complained about pain and when asked to send in ambulance refused but shouted: "Get me a rope!"

 According to the chief of prison guards escapement from the moment of arrival in prison Nigritas until when he died, there was no contact with any official convicted or in prison. Isolation cell was specially created for him, was surveyed with the camera and his every move is recorded.

Death of Ilia (Ilir) Kareli 

Ilia (Ilir) Carrel, an Albanian who killed Greek prison guard in Malandrino before midnight last night was found dead in prison cell Nigritas in Serres, where the afternoon was transferred to isolation and protection from any possible retaliation.

Around 23:30, the guardian of service noted that escapement from a long time gave no signs of life. It was announced shortly urgency and escapement was taken to hospital of Serres.

 While the footage of security cameras, the inmate has not been looked calm moments before giving his last breath. Cameras show 40-year-old who lies in bed while, deep breathing with difficulty.

Ilia Kareli, the Albanian with real name Ilir which means freedom did not had the same life as the name he had. He had asked for a permission to meet his mother but Greece did not cared about that and forced him to make a terrible crime against a prison guardian. But the biggest scandal is that how can Greek police "executes" in legal way an Albanian citizen inside of a building which represents law.