This App Could Save You up to 30% of Your Pocket Money

Whether or not we have become slaves to mobile phones is a different question, but the one that’s more important and which takes the cake is: Are we using mobile phones on a daily basis? Secondly, if we are using phones regularly and are short on money, are there ways to save on the greenbacks that always seem to evade our pockets?

Surprisingly, the answer to the above questions is just one: A resounding “Yes”. Yes, we use our phones daily, and most definitely, there are ways you can save on the money spent on mobile recharges.

The dream online mobile recharge app we are talking about is Bill Bachao. Bill Bachao is here to save us from all the chores of mobile expenses, and budget our financial crisis, at least in terms of mobile recharges.

Let’s talk about cashbacks to begin with. For every recharge you make on your mobile phone, you are guaranteed a cashback between 5 and 10%. That is, 5% on successful recharge of 100 to 249/- , and 10% on 250/- and above. Please read the exact terms and conditions here to know more about cashbacks. Other than recharging, a person can use this app to refer it to another person and earn a referral fee. The earned referral money will reflect as cashback on the app.

You can also win by participating in various interesting contests on the Bill Bachao website.

If you are wondering whether Bill Bachao is limited to just one function of recharging mobile phone, you will be pleasantly surprised that the app is scores of miles past it.

Let’s quickly discuss some other features of this app:

Cashback status:
We talked about cashback, now let’s see whether the app can actually show you those earned cashback in a well, neat way. It does! You can check your cashback balance at will. The app shows you how much of the balance you have remaining for your next recharge.

Balance check:
Once you know the danger, you are one step into overcoming the danger. The Bill Bachao app shows you where you have spent every penny of your balance. We are not exaggerating this. Every call and every SMS you have done is recorded and listed, and shown to you for reference. You can also check which apps on your phone have used your phone data. You can export, if need be, all these details to your email in the form of a report. Mighty efficient for an online mobile recharge app!

Quick recharges:
This mobile recharge app bets on providing simpler and fewer steps to recharging your mobile. A total of 3 steps, we counted. It lets you browse through all the available mobile recharge plans so you don’t have to worry about spending extra, or look for another website for applicable plans. Everything is just there. You can also save your data plans for future use, and if necessary, make simultaneous recharges for your friends and family.

Current network and porting:
With the Bill Bachao app, you can check for the best network in your area for your mobile operator. This is especially useful if you are tired of your current network and looking to port to a different operator. The app shows you the exact signal strength (in unit ASU) and data speed (in Kbps) in any given area. There is more: You can also make porting requests right from the app.

The Self-Help section is a blessing in disguise, the one you may admire more than you intend to. The Self-Help section allows you to make requests for activation or deactivation of various mobile operator services with a stroke of a finger. This is helpful when you claim but are not sure of the value added services on your phone; want to deactivate the (pestering) DND on your phone; etc.

Rest assure, the Bill Bachao app is tried and tested, and works very well in favor of your pocket. We have rounded off our savings through app usage by a large 30%. How about you?