How Technology is Altering Transportation

Our modes of transportation are constantly changing with the progression of time. Thinking back to historic times, when we first started traveling by horse and buggy, and now when we have a multitude of cars, busses, and even the introduction of automated cars - it's sometimes hard to fathom. Our advancements made within the transportation industry are phenomenal, and imaging what is to come down the road is something that may be hard to imagine.

With the evolution of various methods of transporting ourselves, comes the creation of different types of technology that help assist these transportation methods. With any advancement, newer technology is always trying to replace older technology, and become more sophisticated with its processes.

What are some of the ways in which our processes have been altered when it comes to transportation and technology?


One of the largest, and most popular advancements in technology that has assisted our ways of commuting is the use of Uber. Via a downloadable app, Uber customers are able to input their current location (by enabling location settings on their smartphone) and locate an uber driver in their area.

The process is exactly the same as obtaining a Taxi, but with Uber, users can request a ride without having to call in. It's a great alternative method to calling a cab company, and not knowing exactly when they will arrive. With Uber, users are able to track the exact location of their driver, and are updated with notifications regarding the estimated time of arrival for their driver.

Crash Maps

By interpreting crash data via governmental and state databases, various accident and crash maps have been developed. These accident maps are often developed to keep citizens safe and well-informed when it comes to dangerous areas within their city where accidents are more problematic.

An excellent example of a crash map that was developed for Texas residents helps to outline the type of accident seen within three major interstates within central Texas. The data helps to break down the cause of each fatality within these roadways over the past ten years, and provides updated information and statistics regarding the number of accidents experienced on the same day, in 2014.

Crash maps are an excellent way to break down data that cannot be interpreted by outsiders, and present the findings in an visually pleasing manner for users who are better at visual learning.

City Transit Maps

Another similar technological advancement is the introduction of city transit maps. Companies have developed resources and apps like “Subway time tracker” that allow travelers within the city an opportunity to know exactly when their bus or train will arrive at the terminal. It's a great way to help business men and women plan out the exact time they should leave the office, when they should leave for work, and when to coordinate their lunch schedules, depending upon the precise time that a transit vehicle is arriving.

Check out the different transit maps and generated apps that help to track the exact time of when a bus or train might be arriving in your area. You might be surprised with what you find.

The advancement of technology proves to never fail our expectations. Its interesting to see how the development and advancement of different devices can alter our ability to travel quickly and with more ease as time progresses. Additionally, much can be learned from the development of various resources like crash maps and outlines that are designed to inform citizens of problematic areas they should avoid while commuting.