Awesome Wearable Tech To Help You Get Fit

A lot of people around the world struggle with being overweight. While life has helped to make things simpler, it has done little to help us be the happy, healthy, and in shape people, we deserve to be. Thankfully, there is new technology that is solving the guess work in your diet, exercise and overall health. Making it easier to track, log and understand where your overweight problems are coming from. Let’s take a moment to look at some of these awesome wearable techs that can help us get fit and healthy.

 1. Garmin

 Along with making navigational software and hardware, Garmin has an entire line of exercise aids and watches that you can easily take with you. In particular, the new Vivosmart HR+ listens to your heart rate, tracks your location and times the distances you have ran. Along with a ton of other cool and interesting features it can also monitor your sleep and analyze your performance. Garmin has a range of wearable fitness tech that provide a reliable and accurate way to track and analyze your fitness.

2. Fitbit

 A personal favorite of this writer, Fitbit is a brand known for creating excellent exercise and running watches. Providing heart rate and cardio information, along with the amount of calories burnt, steps walked and much, much more. Fitbit is an all-around exciting product that has earned its place among the top wearable fitness products of 2016. If you want something wearable for less than what you would pay for a Garmin, then you will want to go with a Fitbit.

3. Misfit

 Misfit Ray is a less well known yet equally worthy brand when considering wearable tech for getting fit. In particular, it is an excellent choice for a minimalist, simple, and stylish piece of wearable tech. Offering steps and sleep tracking information. Simply put, you get a no-frills device that does exactly what you need it to do while looking great in the process.

4. Jawbone 

A healthy sleep cycle is at the core of having the energy required to exercise every day. The Jawbone is ranked among the best wearable devices for tracking sleep. While things like the Fitbit or the Garmin can track our sleep, the Jawbone does a superior job giving you information on REM, light, and deep sleep as well.

5. iPhone Watch

Doing a little of everything, you may also want to consider the iPhone watch. A more expensive option, it none-the-less provides you with important information on your exercise, helping you to track information in real time. The iPhone Watch is an excellent choice if you want a wearable piece of tech that does more than just act as a workout aid.

Getting The Most Out Of Your Exercise 

No matter which of the five wearable fitness tech you choose from. You will find that they all are useful for tracking, monitoring and analyzing feedback from an exercise. In fact, they can tell you how many calories you burnt from exercising, how fast your heart was racing and the distance you travelled. But to truly support your fitness goals, you need to pick the right exercises to perform, stick to an appropriate diet and supplement the right nutrients. If you are unsure of where to start try using this bodybuilding supplement guide. Not only will it provide some useful information on the right supplements to use for your fitness goals, but it will also go over the training and nutrition required to achieve them.