Copy.That is an addictive game that tests your memory

From makers of the Limons Android game, comes another super addictive game that dedicates its self to the testing of your memory. The new Lucky July-made game is simply branded as Copy.That, and challenges you to memorize the moves which game plays by default and tick the icons in the same line as were ticked by the game.

Playing the game is as simple as it can be, all that's required is an Android device running Android 4.1 or later version and 28MB of free storage -- Tap the Play button and you're on. The game comes with six levels of difficulty, from Easy level with 9 circular bubbles to the Battle level with 25.

Copy.That Android Game

To play the game, you are requested to choose a particular level and try to memorize the line which the app ticks the circles which turn into colored balls. This, very challenging because each level begins with two tickings and ends when all available options to be ticked are finished, and you have finally finished the level. After each result, the game will tell your "IQ". While this game cannot be a factor in determining your IQ, is possible that it will tease and challenge your memory.

Copy.That allows you to sign in with your Facebook account to share your best scores and showcase them to your friends. And what's the best feature, it gives you daily awards in Diamonds and Gold Stars, you can convert the diamonds and stars into lives for playing some more. Unlocking levels also will award you with the same feedback.

If you want to check out how much of a memory you have, hit it up and get the Copy.That game on your Android phone from the Play store or App Store for iOS devices..