Jumpy Jumper: an Android game to make your days an excitement

Jumpy Jumper
Jumpy Jumper screenshot
If you're bored of routine days or over-complicated games that require much effort and concentration. the simply-designed Jumpy Jumper Android game will allow you to kill the time without having to concentrate much in unlocking levels.

Playing Jumpy Jumper on your Android device is as simple as it can be, the game starts with a cute character that stands on suspended blocks that flow down, your task is to make sure that your character doesn't drop into abyss and at the same time, you can collect puzzles to unlock more levels and more different character.

This game is also good on disallowing you to fall asleep but instead, it keeps you in a peaceful melancholic mood, the background switches into soft colors that will prevent dizziness but always in colors that do not hurt your eyes. Another bright side of this game is related to its difficulty, Jumpy Jumper isn't made to get you frustrated because of failing to unlock the next level, it goes smoothly and allows you to play for hours.

If you like smooth and simple games, Jumpy Jumper is expecting free downloads on Android devices on Google Play Store.