WhenDidI Event Tracker App: Ease Your Schedule Management

WhenDidI is an event tracking app that besides helping you to never lose an appointment or event, will help you manage your finances and health. All those functions under one single Android application.

Via WhenDidI you can schedule your days in a better way than using Google Calendar or any other similar web-based tool or app. As it comes with built-in categories that not only will alert you when your appointment or event date is soon to arrive but also allows you to add the pricing of how much that particular event will cost to your budget. A very handy feature for managing your finances.

This app will help you manage your daily events and as well long term ones. You can set an alert for things you do on a daily basis, such as watering your plants, lunches, or petrol filling for your car. Also, you can plan your haircuts, never forget to take your medicines or any other task you might want to add but is not supported by default. You can add additional tasks based on your needs as well, each addition will have some pre-loaded settings such as price, weight, distance, etc.. Picking the right setting per each category is a no-brainer, and it will make your schedule management controllable via your smartphone.

Personally, I find WhenDidI the best Google Calendar alternative and would recommend downloading it from Google Play Store to everyone that has a busy and messed up daily activity.