Google Pixel 2: Will come with new version of Android

Model Google Pixel 2 running Android O appeared in the database of the popular Geekbench benchmark on Saturday, May 27, 2017. Specifications suggest that this is a normal variant saw the light in 2016, Google's flagship company. And users, of course, wonder whether the improved performance of the new OS device.

Google Pixel 2 with Android O
The result achieved in the single-core phone test is 1631 points for Google Pixel 2. It points to an interesting detail - the technology giant from Mountain View has managed to improve the performance of Pixel running Android O. But the rate increase applies only to single-core test. In testing a multi-core device running the new OS shown in Geekbench results in 3876 points. It should be noted that Google Pixel Nougat under control in the middle reaches in this benchmark test of 4000 points. Yes, and not all users find the benchmark results determining indicator of the actual performance device.

Moreover, these differences can hardly be called significant. Viewed listing shows that Google is committed to use all possibilities of the chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon 821, which combines presented in October 2016 Google Pixel and Pixel XL.

Second Trial Android O for developers has been released at a recent conference Google I / O 2017. This means that even before Android O to finalize a stable state in the next few months will appear more and more information about the new operating system.

The new mobile operating system brings a number of improvements - from a new approach to notifications to a much improved battery management tools, making the most efficient energy consumption of each application.

The operating system will find favor with the new power allocation algorithm. With this, will increase the time between charges of the smartphone. But this is not its only feature. It will also inform developers about the increasing power failures that occur during the performance of their applications. Developers will be provided with full access to such failure statistics.

It is expected that Google will name the official name and build number of Android O in the third quarter of this year. But the Net was felt that a new version of the most popular mobile operating system will be called Android 8.0 Oreo. The first stable builds of the operating system will be released in late summer or early autumn of 2017 for Google Pixel, Pixel XL and compatible devices Nexus. As previously reported, the model Pixel and Pixel XL 2016 will receive the upgrade to October 2018.

In addition to the debut of the new OS, which is left to wait for a relatively short time, the search giant is probably prepared for consumers and other pleasant news. After all, it was also reported and the fact that Google is already testing Google Pixel 2 smart phones, which it is likely to please users in 2017. This year, the three models are expected of smart phones from the search giant. Among these specifications is called Snapdragon 835 chipset 540 Adreno graphics processor and RAM, which is 4 or 6 gigabytes. Equip whether, in your opinion, the Google Pixel 2 will have dual cameras?