A New Look at Education

Gone are the days of four-year universities and now is the time of expedited education through the means of technical schools, online degrees, and even sometimes just training. It seems that not too long ago, trade and technical schools were the last hope at making something better of yourself, or even just a means to make a little above minimum wage. That is absolutely no longer the case.
In today’s digitally advanced, technical dreamland of a world, while it is still a great idea to get a degree from a university in whatever major you want, it’s not the only option any longer. Many of the top developers, coders, social media gurus are either self-taught or taken under the wing of one of the greats. With the help of websites like udemy, people with skills in the technical work can turn a passion into a profitable business.With the combination of natural skill set and maybe just a few business or trade classes, they are making more money than those with PhDs and beyond. Plus, with the increase in student tuition and the student loan debt crisis, it’s no wonder that so many are opting for this alternative to traditional schooling.

So, does this mean the end of the four-year degree? Absolutely not. It just means that there are options, something that there were not many of just a few years back. Let’s look at some of the most profitable professions today that one can work in without having to earn a four-year degree.

Social Media Management

Social media is the internet. It is the very centre of everything we do as humans for both business and pleasure, so it’s no wonder it has become such a lucrative business. People today can make a fortune managing advertising accounts or just managing their everyday posting. People are giving themselves the titles of “Social Media Expert” and offering them the opportunity to “make more money by doing this one simple Facebook trick” etc., and making a fortune doing so. Did these self-proclaimed experts go to school for this or did they learn it themselves?

Web Developer

Aside from learning the basics at a trade school, many web developers are self-taught or taught by a mentor. This profession is not only an important one but one that can almost guarantee job security for many years to come. Many jobs will even take someone without a degree in development and simply take them under their wing and train them. Many of the best in the industry today learned from a computer in their garage or by taking a few courses on the basics and teaching themselves the rest.

In the end, there is no better or worse way to get a degree or build a portfolio of expertise, but there is always cheaper and/or faster ways.

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