Punch Drunk Game

Punch Drunk Game For iPhone Challenges You To Drink Without Getting Caught By Your Wife

Men love having a cold drink after a working day. But the same thing cannot be said about their wives, they certainly aren’t as much excited as their husbands when it comes to boozing. This game for iPhone called punch Drunk challenges you to drain your bottle without getting caught by your wife. Honestly, you don’t even want to be spotted sipping, she has a good fat rolling pin to hammer your head.

The game is designed with sharp cartoon animations that are clever. You basically always have a suspicious wife watching over you in case you start sipping from the bottle, drinking in stealth mode is proven to be difficult but as we challenging. You’ll love the facial changes on the animations when you get away with your drink and as well when your head gets hammered by your wife’s rolling pin.

You can start silently drinking by tapping the screen of your iPhone and continuously monitor your wife’s movements to not be caught. She has put herself on a mission to prevent you from getting boozed and nothing will stop her from hammering your head up. Nothing but stealth drinking.

If you have a stubborn wife that just won’t let you drink and you want to feel how it is drinking behind her back, get the Punch Drunk Game for iTunes and drain as many bottles as you can.

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