Ntw Designs Awarding Winning Web Design Methods

This year, we are seeing big changes online when it comes to web design. Companies around the world are forming a website to showcase the quality of their company services through the internet. Online viewers are so opinionated that the smallest element on a website may either trigger them to leave the page or stay longer. Increasing a visitors website stay time has proven to increase online sales and subscribers. Ntw designs, www.ntwdesigns.com/,  is known to provide the most advanced web solutions to companies of all sizes around the world. Read their amazing and award winning web design methods to improve web design.
1-UI/UX Digital Animations. UI and UX animations create a digitalized story and motion animations on a website. These coded animations take some design skill and self-creativity, but the average visitor will stay longer on a page that is interactive versus one that is plain. Interactive web designs are very popular and a UI/UX animation can certainly improve the appearance of a website. Adding a UI/UX animation on a company website page is a great method to boost website popularity and online likes.
2-Color Scheme Selection.  Proper colors coordination’s on a website can enhance the overall all design of a website. By using colors sensibly, a designer can color certain elements on a web page to make them look bigger. Using up to 3 colors per website color scheme is most recommended. Minimal design along with vibrant color choices are very popular this year.
3-Responsive Elements. Mobile web design standards have made responsive design no longer an optional choice. A responsive web design is a must have in 2017 and further years to come. Making a website responsive for each device can have its benefits in terms of design and SEO. Going fully responsive is a great method in web design. Some websites are responsive in terms of background and container widths, but all the elements on a website should fully be responsive as well. Testing a website in all different browsers is recommended to ensure that it resizes the same way for all screen sizes.
4-Full Screen Video Backgrounds. A full-screen video background is an award winning web design that will always make an impact. Full-screen video backgrounds take the extra step in introducing the web visitor a glimpse of a company in work mode. Videos that show smiling customers, co-workers interacting, and beautiful scenery, are often some of the best captures that will produce great results. Website visitors trust companies that give endless information on what they do. A video will always improve the trust and credibility of a website.
5-Brand Identification. Brand identity is an important step for every company. Having matching colors, graphics, icons, and a logo to represent a company is the best way to stand out online. A solid brand identity can make a website much better in terms of visual quality. Famous fortune 100 companies are most known for their recognizable brand names and images. Identify your brand, display it on your website, and expand across the world.
6-HTML5 and PHP. An award-winning method to achieving a great web design is to keep up with the latest syntax language releases. These syntax releases will always bring even more advancements to syntax language and this will lead to faster web development. With the release of HTML5, it has become much easier to design and create animations. PHP syntax has become much more robust for dynamic web applications. Always keep up to date with the latest syntaxes in web design!
7-Website Code Validation. Internal coding on a website is known to influence the performance of a web page. Clean coded websites are seen much more advanced and well built. A clean coded website is always very organized and will contain minimal to zero errors. After a web design, running a website code validation is a great method of discovering all the errors inside a script and cleaning them up. The W3C validator is the number one free tool online to check a website’s script for errors. By fixing the internal web design script, it will ensure a better website performance.
As analyzed above, there are 7 award winning web design methods that will produce a great visual web design and website performance. Follow the above ways and make your website a success on the web.

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