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Different Ways Of Taking Phone Backup Before Selling It

A lot of people out there have no idea how to take backup of their iPhone devices before they are going to sell it. The process is quite simple when it comes to Android devices, but the same cannot be said for iPhones. Often, people hesitate to sell their device because they do not know the right way of taking backup of their precious data. Well, there are 3 simplest ways: iCloud, iTunes and Acronis True Image 2019.

Why stick with a defective device?

Problems while using an iPhone are very common. Buying an expensive phone doesn’t come with a guarantee that your phone will have no defect at all. When the issues exceed a certain level, they become a constant headache. It is better to sell your iPhone to a well-reputed company because as time passes, the issues are going to become even more problematic. Sell TheMobile deals with all kinds of phones regardless of their manufacturer or model; it provides you an easy way to get rid of such problematic gadgets.

When it comes to selling a phone in the UK, users are hesitant because of the data backup process.Most people have no idea about backing up their data. However, this should not be an impediment for you while changing your mobile phone to the latest one. Believe it or not, iPhone provides easy ways of taking back up of data.

Easy ways to back up your phone:

Why compromising on defected phones? Sell iPhone X today at SellTheMobile and make a carefree transaction. If you are concerned with backing up issues, we will guide you about 3 easiest ways to back up your data in your iPhone:

  1. iCloud Backup:

iPhone is notorious for its looks, features and prices; the same is also true for its functions. Having functions different from ordinary phones gets people in trouble especially when they plan to change their phone. A number of backup solutions are available. As far as Apple is concerned, it has offered its customers two types of backup options. First one is iCloud backup while the second one is iTunes backup. However, third party vendors also provide different backup option.

iCloud is a very smart solution, when it comes to taking iPhone backup. You can back up all of your data by simply connecting your phone with Wi-Fi. The iCloud option will be available in settings of your device. Backups in Cloud can be performed manually and automatically. But in this option, you must note that it is unable to back up the data of your purchased applications, books or even movies rather these can only be downloaded from different kinds of applications.

Apple offers the facility of 5GB data storage, but this can be fully utilized when you decide to back up your whole data containing videos and photos etc. In case you want some more storage then it is preferred to buy additional storage by paying the required amount.


In order to perform iCloud backup, you must:

  • Connect your device with a Wi-Fi connection.
  • Go to settings, enter your name and select iCloud. You will see the option of backup, be sure that the option is turned on.
  • Go to ‘back up now’ in the meantime stay connected with internet.
  • As soon as the backup is finished, go to settings and then to iCloud storage and then Manage storage. Lastly select the device, your backup will start appearing.
  1. Backup through iTunes:

People in the UK are more familiar with this backup option, because it is helpful while you buy apps, books or music available at Apple stores. If you want to back up your data by using this option, you must first plug in your device with your PC and start the process of synchronization of your files and data between iPhone and computer. By using this option, you can even back up the data which was not purchased from iTunes. While you are using iTunes, files cannot be copied to cloud.


  • Go to iTunes and connect your iPhone with your PC.
  • If messages pop out regarding any passcode, follow the given steps.
  • Select your device when it is showed in iTunes.
  1. Acronis True Image 2019

Talking about iCloud and iTunes, they are limited towards the backing up of some applications and settings as well. On the other hand, there comes the most advanced application known as Acronis True Image 2019. This application allows you to protect all the content that is generated by user himself. The content can be in the form of videos, calendar appointments, photos or even videos. If you want to have this outstanding app, you have to follow some really easy steps.


  • Firstly go to Apple store and search for this application.
  • If you want to store all of your backups in Acronis Cloud Storage, you must have an account in Acronis.
  • Follow the instructions provided. It is the most advanced and preferable way to not only backup your data but also to secure it.

No matter which option you choose, once you have taken data backup make sure to recheck if everything has been backed up properly.

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