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Monday, 29 August 2016

Alboz Bledi

5 Apps Every Smart Customer Should Have on Their Mobile Phones

Can  you  imagine  your  life  without  a  smartphone?  Difficult,  right?  Cell Phones  were  introduced  to  keep  us  in  touch  with  our  loved  ones,  irrespective  of  our  location.  However,  cellphones  these  days  serve  a  wider  purpose.

The  advent  of  smartphones  has  brought  dramatic  changes  in  our  lives.  Gone  are  the  days  when  cell  phones  were  merely  used  to  call  and  text  people.  Now even the entry-level cheap smartphones  work  as  a  GPS,  a  gaming  console,  a  camera,  a  data  traveller,  and  surprisingly,  a  money  saver  tool  too.  Yes,  you  read  it  right,  smartphones  can  help  you  cut  down  your  expenses  and  make  savings  in  many  ways.

Here  are  some  smart  apps  that  you  must  have  on  your  smartphone  to  make  more  savings.

1.  Skype  or  Viber
Applications  such  as  Skype  and  Viber  have  helped  us  save  on  communication-related  expenditure  to  a  great  extent.  From  international  calls  to  text  messages,  voice  mails  and  most  importantly,  video  calling,  everything  can  be  free  of  cost,  if  either  of  these  apps  are  installed  on  your  phone.  If  you  have  a  stable  Internet  connection,  you  can  stay  connected  with  your  friends  and  families  at  all  times.  Besides  this,  you  can  also  share  pictures,  data,  songs,  wallpapers,  etc.  with  them.

2.  Groupon
Groupon  offers  great  deals  on  shopping,  food  and  drinks,  health  and  wellness,  movies  and  events,  gym  and  fitness,  and  more.  It  is  considered  to  be  one  of  the  best  money  saving  apps.  Whether  you  are  looking  for  a  discount  on  restaurant  meals,  latest  fashion  trends,  or  travel  trips,  Groupon  will  offer  daily  deals  on  each  of  these.

This  is  one  app,  you  can’t  do  without.  As  you  need  to  recharge  our  phones  every  now  and  then,  it  is  essential  to  opt  for  a  reliable  mobile  recharge  app.  Billbachao  is  a  trustworthy  app  that  can  be  used  to  do  mobile  recharge  as  well  as  pay  postpaid  mobile  bill  payments.  This  app  has  some  amazing  features  that  will  help  you  cut  down  your  monthly  phone  expenditure.

The  app  smartly  tracks  your  daily  usage  and  suggests  three  best  mobile  recharge  plans  that  will  help  you  make  more  savings.  You  can  pick  the  plan  that  is  the  most  beneficial  to  you  to  cut  down  your  monthly  phone  expenditure.  The  added  benefit  of  using  this  app  is  that  it  provides  cash back  benefits.  10%  of  the  recharge  amount  or  bill  amount  gets  saved  in  your  Billbachao  wallet.  You  can  use  this  cashback  to  earn  a  discount  on  your  next  transaction.  Moreover,  this  app  provides  all  mobile  recharge  including  Vodafone,  Idea,  Aircel,  Airtel,  Tata  Docomo,  etc.  

4.  Happy  Hours  India
Happy  Hours  app  is  ideal  for  you  if  you  are  a  foody.  This  app  offers  amazing  discounts  on  food  and  drinks  in  eateries  and  bars  you  like.  The  app  will  also  inform  you  about  happy  hours  in  different  restaurants.  It  is  free  of  cost  and  is  now  available  in  over  100  cities.  This  is  a  must  have  app  for  people  who  love  to  try  out  new  eateries.

5.  My  Smart  Price
My  Smart  Price  is  an  app  that  will  help  you  compare  product  prices  and  offers  from  various  websites.  You  can  see  the  prices  and  discounts  of  all  products  offered  by  different  sites  on  a  single  page.  This  clever  app  tracks  about  30  e-commerce  websites  to  give  you  the  best  price  of  the  product.

There  are  many  of  other  apps  that  will  help  you  save  money  in  your  day  to  day  life.  No  matter  how  large  your  phone’s  storage  capacity  is,  you  can't  really  have  all  the  apps  on  your  phone.  However,  if  you  have  installed  these  five  apps,  then  you  are  smart  enough  to  save  a  chunk  of  your  income.
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Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Vinod Kardam

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 - Hands on Review

Let us see some of the features of the Galaxy Note7.At first we shall see why this phone is  not note6. Note7 has many extra features than Note6.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will be made by EXYNOX 8893 or Snapdragon 821 with 4GB/6 GB RAM as the different feature. It is expected that it adds new feature Iris Sensor for high security and it has a bigger display, big inches and curved display. Battery is estimated to be around 3500mAh to 4500mAh. There are also of waterproofing feature with large storage.


When we compare this with iPhone we think that the note7 has more features with good quality of front camera and more security components are been used so that the user can feel secure and good. This is very light weight phone and it is user friendly that everyone can use without any problems. There is good Bluetooth and wireless components which make user comfortable. This smart phone is similar to that of the Samsung galaxy S7. But its earlier version phone Samsung S6 does not support this resistant feature. Features and specification of Samsung edge is same as Samsung note. So the user may not feel uncomfortable to use the phone anywhere and etc. And the IP rate calculated for this mobile and it is 68. It has extra protection feature

Design and Outlook

And also there is an Iris scanner on the forehead of the phone which will help to improve the security of the phone. Compared to the Note5, there is a great change in design and features. And its Display will be 3840 by 2160 pixels. When there is a 734ppi pixel density resulting in an very good sharp and bright display.

Storage capacities are 32 GB/64 GB/128 GB which can be expanded by MicroSD. The device weigh will be around 169g which is lighter than the Note5. Around 5 million units are going to ship this product. And the expected color are Black Onyx, Silver titanium and blue coral.


Samsung galaxy note7 will have two cameras in it and its maximum resolution will be 12MP and it also have good strong life. And to have a fight with iPhone it has a zoom, its front camera will be 5MP.
Battery: This phone has good battery which will provide a good and better battery life.

Price: This is not cheap product. This is a latest and very expensive product. It is 32 GB model so it can cost more. This can be more than the Samsung galaxy S7 edge. Get Flipkart discount coupons in order to save money.

Components of Note7: 

Samsung is looking give curve at the edges.And there are two sensors and third one can be for the flash. First one will be the front camera second one will the iris scanner which is used to increase the security of the phone. And its display can be of 5.8 inches and it has HD resolution. And it is expected to be curved at the edges. .There is a hole in the right which is used for S-pen. Audio jack is also present which is not there in apple iphone and it has its Bluetooth and wireless headset facility.

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stewart louis

Amazing Computer and Internet Tricks

1.    Make your files inaccessible
Since you cannot put password on files individually to make your files inaccessible, anyone can excess your files, whether is document, image, video or song or any other file. All you can do is change the extension of the file such as you have file “xyz.docx” just remove “docx” instead write any other alphabets such as “cc” and since only you would know the right extension, no one can open it. And, whenever you want to excess it, you can write the correct extension and access the file. 

1.    Deleting files permanently

Create and save a new file with same name and extension of the file you want to delete forever such as you want file “abc.gif” to delete and never recover back then create gif file by “abc” it will replace the old file and previous one will never be recoverable.

2.    Inserting Special Characters

Press Alt key along with any number from the Num Pad at the left side of the keyboard to insert special characters such as •◘○♦♣♠☺☻♥. Press and hold alt key and press multiple times numbers from num pad you will be able to get more characters.
However, one limitation is that you will have to remember what each number hides behind it as there is no indication on the keys itself. Nevertheless, you can Google the entire list and save it as a reference guide.

3.    YouTube Hotkeys

Here are the quick video shortcuts, which you can use on YouTube and skip the usage of mouse for a while.
Press K to pause the video
Press J for forwarding 10 seconds
Press L for rewind 10 Seconds
Press M to mute the audio
Press F for full screen

4.    Facebook Hotkeys

In case, you do not want to use mouse for scrolling up and down the post on your Facebook, an alternate way is using arrow keys or page up page down keys on your keyboard however, it just randomly will take either up or down.
Instead, use the following keys that will out your scrolling problem at ease:
Press J for going to next post (it will take you the entire post not just the part of it)
Press K for going to previous
Press L on the particular post to like it Description: http://i.huffpost.com/gen/1618229/images/o-FACEBOOK-LIKE-facebook.jpg (press L again to “unlike”)
Press C on the particular post if you want to write comment it press enter to publish the comment (press esc key to exit the commenting)
Press O to open the link in new tab

1.    Open any link in new tab

The quickest way to open a link in new tab is to press CTRL key and click on the link you want to open in new tab and it will work just like that. This cool and easy trick will work anywhere i.e. Facebook, Google, Twitter, Emails etc.

2.    Turning Browser into a Handy Notepad

Copy and paste this link in your browser tab to open up a handy notepad right in your browser. This links works in every browser, you can write on it, copy and paste pictures. It is for temporary use only, be mindful that you will lose all the data when you refresh the notepad tab.
An alternative ways is to install plugin in your browser for instance for chrome, you can add Note broad extension (link: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/note-board/goficmpcgcnombioohjcgdhbaloknabb). This allows you to make notes, add photos, draw and do much more. Your create account, save and upload notes that way all your notes will be synchronized all across computers and laptops.

3.    Turn Google Chrome in to Retro Game

In case you are feeling bored and gaming website are restricted at your workplace. You can convert your Google browser in to a retro game just go to Google.com and write “atari breakout” in search bar. Then click on images it will automatically turn into game.
Second game is “zerg rush” just like the previous game paste these name in search bar and it will instantly convert search results in game. Where all you need to do is pop the circles flying all across the screen and stop them from destroying the search results.

About Writer: 
josephine is a professional academic writer and research analyst; he is highly qualified and experienced writer. He has been providing Dissertation Writing Service and Dissertation Help to college and university students on various domains.

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Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Alboz Bledi

PowerPrint Automates Your Print Server Tasks

The .NET Printing Library PowerPrint manages access to winspool.drv functions and lets you automate your Windows Print Servers.

What PowerPrint can do is that it can substitute all other tools randomly used for creating an automated print server like PowerShell, WMI, Windows VB Scripts, or the use of native C functions for winspool.drv. One of the reasons to abandon those tools is that they almost never satisfy your needs regard printing server automation.

What the PowerPrint does is that it brings all of your printers and jobs in one location and lets you add, remove, or edit them. It lets you pause or resume a printer, enables you to easily save a printer's configuration data and assign it other printers by using profiles without having to manually configure settings, remove or add printer connections and also set a default connection, manage printer drivers, and it comes built-in impersonation.

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Thursday, 28 July 2016

Alboz Bledi

ImagerJs is a JavaScript image uploader and image editor


If you need to easily and effectively edit pictures with a program that works, then the image uploader and javascript image editor, ImagerJs might be what you are looking for.

What is ImagerJs?

ImagerJs is a web-based JavaScript image uploader and image editor standing as an independent platform and provides you with a rich JavaScript library for you to upload images using the drag and drop method (easiest ever made) and edit them. It lets you crop, resize, rotate, and shrink images before uploading via any browser.  

Features of the image editor ImagerJs

As ImagerJs is based on JavaScript, it will work well on any browser you might have. Every browser supports JavaScript, thus, ImagerJs is supported by all browsers. Furthermore, the image editor works as a standalone and embeddable software, if you have a website or weblog, you can embed the entire program on any page of your site. 

ImagerJS photo editing supports

What you can do with your photos on ImagerJs is as following:
  • Rotate your pictures
  • Crop photos to highlight any part of them you think are best part
  • Resize your photos by setting height and width based on your preferences
  • Set and specify the size of toolbar buttons
  • Save your edited images
  • Delete images
  • Undo any action made by error
Another important feature of the ImagerJs is that it is available and can be used as a plugin for Imperavi's Redactor.
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Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Alboz Bledi

Comedic "Beginner's guide" to England will make your day

"Beginner's guide" to England

If visiting England was one of your upcoming ventures then watching this "Beginner's guide" to England is a must. What this guide will do to you, is that it will tell in detail all you need to know about England and once you know this, you'll never be called by the natives as a "right d**k".

Understanding the English People

As the guide cites, arrival to England is usually made via airplanes, and if you want to keep your lifetime savings with you, make sure to book a hotel next to the airport. The next important thing to know is that food in England will cost you more than the plane ticket and you must avoid eating at any cost, but if you really need to eat, (hopefully you don't), a Tea Pie (a pie with tea in it) will make sure that some of your cash stays with you.Biology
If you thought that all humans after splitting from their early primate ancestors millions of years ago evolved into Homo Sapiens you were right, but as English are unique, they actually evolved into Homo Cynicus
As English are an advanced type of Homo Cynicus species, their brain is divided into two hemispheres and both of them produces the feeling of shame and self-loathing. 

Must-know things about England

What you really must know is the difference between International English and British English, how English approach to what can become a "possible mating partner", and what a British does during seven days of the week. Important to keep in mind is that the act of mating is permitted only once per year, on the 6th of February, also known as the Leg Over Day
England is famous for its rich cuisine where the national dish is called beer. As for entertainment and pass time, the Britons are famous for football hooliganism and the British Spider fighting championship. To bypass all these, you must know that England has a developed science where some of the most innovative inventions are the toothbrush, jet engine, and gallbladder. 
The most important part of this guide is that to be effective it must be heard and seen on a YouTube video. That must be right below.

Note: This entire post is sarcastic and the citations are not real facts.

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Sunday, 26 June 2016

Alboz Bledi

Blu Pure XL Sporting 24MP Camera And 64GB of Storage Available For $349

Blu Pure XL
Blu Pure XL is a 6-inch 4G LTE smartphone that boasts a mind-blowing 24-megapixel rear-facing camera, supports Fingerprint Sensor, has 64GB of internal storage, and what's most importantly ships for the budget-friendly pricing of only $349 exclusively on Amazon.

The Pure XL by Blu 6-inch display comes with Quad HD resolution of 2650 x 1440 pixels and protected by the Corning Gorilla Glass 3, sports a 24-megapixel rear-facing camera with True Tone Flash, 6-layer custom lens, sapphire lens cover and is capable of shooting videos at 4K resolution. As for the selfie supports, there's an impressive 8MP front camera that lets you shoot videos at 1080p resolution.

Blu Pure XL
Pure XL runs the 64-bit MediaTek MTK 6795 Helio X10 with eight CPU cores clocked at 2.0GHz alongside the PowerVR G6200 graphics processor to enable you the smoothest game plays and is backed by 3GB of RAM, 64GB of storage supporting memory expansion by up to another 64GB via microSD and ships upgraded to the Android 5.1 Lollipop OS.

In the terms of connectivity, the Blu Pure XL stands for the support of 4G LTE network, 3G connectivity, Bluetooth , Wi-Fi, GPS, One Touch Fingerprint Sensor, and provides more security via its own encrypted file management system.

Blu Pure XL is available to order exclusively via Amazon for $349 (Unlocked).

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