Sunday, 15 May 2016

Grow Your Adorable Pet Character With Mobile Game Limons

Limons game

The mobile game for Android and iOS devices called Limons invites you to participate in an unique adventure where your secret mission is to grow an adorable Limon pet from the egg stat to a fully grown Limon. The Limons are loveable and pretty attractive, they love to be loved and eat a lot, and they are vulnerable to mean moles and other nasty animals that can bit them and get your dear Limon sick. And like every other pet, Limons do not grow that rapidly, so your venture ain't gonna be a walk in the park.

Created by the Lucky July, the Limons lets you feel how your pet grows and brings many entertaining games that will boost your tools to grow your pet quicker.

Your journey begins by downloading the free Limons game from the Play Store for the Android users and the App Store for the iOS users. When the app is firstly played, you will be requested to set up a username, a nickname and login (no email/social account is required to register). Choose an egg and start growing your lovable pet character.

What your Limon needs to grow is food and love. You can give love to your Limon by tapping on its body and you'll see some floating hearts above its head. The more you tap it, the more energy your pet spends, the more food it needs to recover.

But this game is not all about feeding and cuddling, when you give hearts to your pet you also increase the levels, your egg turns into a baby Limon and the games turns more entertaining as it grows.

The game has a section of achievements where the more you play the more rewards you receive, and the easier the game becomes. You can receive diamonds and coins, there's a store from where you can cash-in your diamonds for coins and use the coins to feed the Limon (you can buy foods with diamonds too, but converting them to coins lets you buy more foods).

The Limon pet is similar to a baby human, it can get ill, can be bitten by mean moles, needs to shower very so often, and you should always clean its poop. (This game is so addictive that you will be waiting it to poop so that you can get some hundreds of diamonds as reward).

To grow your pet with ease, you can expand your maps, use your power to participate in two mini-games within the game and receive gifts, and the easiest way, purchase some thousands of coins from the in-app purchase option.

If you want to see how awesome the Limons game is, check out the embedded video below.

Friday, 13 May 2016

K-Drive Is An Electric Coconut Scraper With Speed Control

K-Drive Electric Coconut Scraper

The coconut milk is considered as the "fluid of life" by the Indigenous people, but besides the primitive lifestyle of the Indigenous people, the coconut is spread worldwide and is an ingredient in the daily diet of millions. But taking the coconut milk is not that easy, in fact, it is pretty challenging. The coconut protects its water by a tough shell, opening it with bare hands is impossible and the current industrial machines are pretty dangerous to use, heavy, and not suitable for household use.  To ease the problem of coconut scrapping, the team of engineers coming branded as Oritha, have created a lightweight electric coconut scraper called K-Drive that will nicely open coconuts without having to tire you up first or put your limbs in danger of a cut.

What makes the K-Drive different from other products in market is that it is lightweight (only 1.5kg), can be mounted on the table, has low rpm, has food grade materials, and functions in a smart way by allowing you to adjust the scrapping speed. The device comes with three push buttons and an LED light to signal you when the power is one, the "On/Off" button functions to turn on or off the device and the "+" button lets you increase the scrapping speed while the "-"enables you to decrease the speed. When the K-Drive is turned on it is followed by three beep sounds and it starts rotating slowly, then you can use the other push buttons to adjust the speed.

Besides being specially designed to cut through coconuts with easy, the K-Drive is made with security in mind. To avoid any uncomfortable and dangerous incident, the electric scraper ships with some specially designed anti-cut gloves.

K-Drive Anti Cut Gloves

The K-Drive has successfully passed its testings and is ready for mass production, its makers are currently selling the coconut scrapper K-Drive via KickStarter for only $30.

Thursday, 12 May 2016

TeamConnect Is A Free Sports Team Management App For iOS Devices

The programmer and developer Samuel Kushnir arrived with a big idea to serve sports managers and coaches with a free application for iOS devices called TeamConnect. The TeamConnect's mission is to allow coaches focus on their team by transferring the management tasks to this free application.

The only requirement a coach or team manager to use this app's features is to install the free TeamConnect on an iPhone or iPad device from the App Store and create a Team ID. The app allows you to pre-load your team roster and lets you email or call players from the app, track events, practises and games of your team, and know which players will be eligible for an upcoming scheduled event. Besides, the app tells the scores of each game and keeps track of stats for individual players for each game.

TeamConnect currently supports soccer, basketball and baseball as part of its sports management services and tracking.

Tuesday, 10 May 2016 For all your Label & Thermal Ribbon needs

Blank Thermal Transfer Label and Direct Thermal Labels rolls and Thermal Ribbons

Labels supplies a range of blank labels on rolls and thermal ribbons, from 1” x 1” size labels
suitable for pricing and barcode labels from 1” x .75” for product labelling to large 4” x 13” size
labels for despatch and shipping labels, even A4 size sheet labels that are 8 labels or more per
A4 sheet.

They keep hundreds of standard labels in stock for same day next business day shipping
throughout the United States and Canada via UPS USPS, Fedex and Truck.

 1” x .75” size labels
 1.5” x .75” size labels
 2” x 1” size labels
 3” x 2” size labels
 4” x 3” size labels
 4” x 6” size labels
 A4 size 6 labels 4” x 3.33” Avery Comparable on a sheet
 A4 size 8 labels 4” x 2.5” Avery Comparable on a sheet

These standard sizes can be used for a multitude of different tasks. 1” x .75 are excellent for
product labelling and pricing. 2” x 1” size labels are another standard product labelling size, and
have also been used in such varied tasks as barcoding labelling baloons and other products. 4”
x 3” labels have many applications especially for woodworking and instructional stickers. 4” x 6”
size labels are ideal for despatch and shipping and the A4 size label sheets are able to be used in a standard laser or inkjet printer rather than a dedicated label printer.

Labels - Understanding Label Types.

There are many different types of labels, not just their size. Some label printers are direct
thermal only, not requiring a ribbon. Others are thermal transfer which need a thermal ribbon to
print. Some jobs require the labels to be easily removable such as woodworking labels. Other
tasks require them to be permanently adhesive, or even yet made from synthetic material to
withstand water and other substances.

Also important to understand are "Core" sizes. The core size is the diameter of the roll that the
label roll sits on inside the printer. There are 3 standard sizes. 3” for Large Printers. 1” for
Smaller Printers (e.g. TLP 2844) and the 3/4” also for small printers.

OEM Printer Thermal Transfer Ribbons also supplies Thermal Transfer Ribbons. Our OEM ribbon range is extensive and
designed to work in all thermal printers as do our labels. Our OEM Ribbons and Labels work in
the following equipment: Automated Pkg, CAB, Bellmark - Easy Print, Datamax, Intermec,
Markem - Smartdate, Monarch, Near Edge, Printronix, Sato, Tec-Near Edge, Videojet -
Dataflex Zebra, 1/2” desktop.

They carry a large selection of Ribbon Products : Wax, Wax/Resin, Near Edge, Pure Resin,
Techno Edge, GHS certified.

If you are going to use THERMAL TRANSFER Labels for higher quality printing on labels such
as theirs. Then you WILL NEED a ribbon, or the printing will not work. Use Direct Thermal Labels
if you do not want to use a ribbon.

All Ribbon sizes and grades are custom slit and ship same day next business day and sample
rolls are available.

You may start by downloading the app from here.

If you have any questions or would like a quote or sample. Please call the toll free at
888-933-8498 alternatively you can email sells standard size labels by the box and does not require you to purchase in large quantities.

Monday, 9 May 2016

Loanzify Is A Free Mortgage Calculator App For Mobile Devices That Boosts Your Brand And Generates Partner Referrals

With over 225 billion app downloads projected in 2016, mobile internet usage has far exceeded
desktop usage, and is only expected to further grow exponentially in the next 5 years.

That means your prospective clients are no longer in front of their desktop or laptop
computers. They are doing almost everything using their smartphones. Especially
the millennials who are glued to their phones and are the largest and most likely demographic
to buy a home in the next 5 years.

So how will you market yourself in the new mobile economy?

Loanzify is the ultimate mobile marketing tool designed for the mortgage professional. It creates a
user friendly, aesthetically pleasing way to brand,communicate, and empower your clients. With
the most accurate and comprehensive mortgage calculators in the market, rich professionally written
mortgage content, mobile 1003, and the most customizable set of branding features, Loanzify sets
you apart from your competition. You can also co-brand your app with realtors and other
partners who will generate high-quality referrals and help grow your business. Loanzify is the
Ultimate Mortgage App.

Go to: to start a free trial or call: 888-377-1265

Thursday, 5 May 2016

Three Business Optimization Strategies That Can Keep Your Company Growing

If you're interested in making your business the most profitable entity within your industry, don't delay the expansion process. Instead, get on the road to explosive growth and ever-increasing industry authority by implementing the business optimization strategies outlined below: 

1. Utilize Maintenance Strategies.
One of the best business-building strategies available to you is the use of maintenance services. These services empower you to keep your company equipment in optimal condition while also decreasing the likelihood of commercial accidents and injuries. In the event that your business is within the automotive, lighting, or glassware sectors, companies like Vergason can provide you with the vacuum coating equipment services necessary to keep your machines working quickly and correctly. 

2. Develop An Online Audience.
Another business-building technique you should consider using is the development of an online audience. This strategy will empower you to connect with prospective clients all over the world. To get this process underway, hire digital professionals who have extensive education and experience in the online marketing sector. The best firms will offer comprehensive digital marketing services, some of which include:

-web design and development
-online reputation management
-social media optimization
-search engine optimization
-responsive web design 

3. Develop SMART Goals. 

The final business optimization strategy you should implement to get your company on the road to explosive growth is the development of SMART goals. This technique is important because it will empower you to clearly identify your company objectives and then figure out how you will realize them. Make sure that all of your business goals are SMART: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-specific. An example of a good business goal would be "I will extend the restaurant's hours of operation by 3 hours during the month of June to increase sales by 23%." Remember to place your goals in a visible place and review them regularly. 


If you want your company to grow like never before, now is the time to implement business-building strategies that will enable you to realize the goal. You can get your company going and growing like never before by utilizing the company optimization strategies outlined above. By utilizing maintenance services, developing an online audience, and creating SMART goals, you will likely find that your company develops exceptional conversion rates, an expanded base of customers, and ever-increasing industry authority.

Monday, 2 May 2016

Technology for Caregivers

One of the most important jobs that someone can pursue is that of a caregiver. This selfless career path requires dedication in regards to someone’s well-being. In doing such, it’s important to consider the useful resources that are now more readily available than ever.

Technology is a channel that many caregivers consider in order to assist them with their daily duties. Consider these helpful forms of technology that have been successful in assisting their tasks:


Often times there are obligations in which caregivers need to be present in order to fulfill their duties. Setting reminders can be a helpful tool in order to meet specific deadlines. Consider how helpful a simple reminder can be when you’ve a busy day. This could be a defining factor to prevent scheduled doctor appointments and when they should be taking their prescription medicine.

There are many helpful tools that can assist with setting reminders; however, most smartphones and tablet that you have already have reminders and alarms that you can set in order to always be prompt.


Another useful tool for caregivers can be that of any GPS tracker. This tool can be used in many ways. The first being a great way to sync a wireless device that can be placed onto the child. For any unfortunate situation, this will allow the caregiver to easily locate the child by using the GPS tracking service. Again, another great feature of the iPhone is the “Find My iPhone” app that can easily locate your location on a map.

The second helpful benefit of a GPS is to help you locate any doctor’s office, park, or any fun scheduled event you might have planned for the child. Simply enter your desired address and you’re good to go. Consider this as a great way to avoid being late for any timely obligations as doctor appointments can often times be difficult to reschedule.

Engaging Apps

Often times, a great way to help the time pass can be playing with apps. We all hate waiting rooms and children can sometimes become impatient. Although the magazines, toys, and books that are available while you wait, a safer and cleaner option could be a fun game that can be found in the iTunes Apple Store.

Depending on what your child is into, consider an app that has access to their favorite TV shows and movies or if they prefer, download fun games that are free in the app store such as “Angry Birds”.

Health Tracking

Health is a top priority for us all. A great way to keep constant tabs on specific health specs can now be downloaded an at our fingertips. Consider a health tracking application that compiles all necessary information together. Try Health Vault the next time you’d like to have all medical information in one easily accessible spot. This benefit will allow you easier access too appointments, health records, and even insurance.

Although technology possesses endless possibilities for caregivers, it is important to consider what applies to your everyday duties. Every patient is different and caregivers are required to meet the needs of their child no matter what the situation or disability may be. Consider these helpful tools for any opportunity that they might assist with and find ways in which they can become useful to you your job.

What are other forms of technology that you’ve found useful in your role as a caregiver? 


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