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Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Alboz Bledi

Copy.That is an addictive game that tests your memory

From makers of the Limons Android game, comes another super addictive game that dedicates its self to the testing of your memory. The new Lucky July-made game is simply branded as Copy.That, and challenges you to memorize the moves which game plays by default and tick the icons in the same line as were ticked by the game.

Playing the game is as simple as it can be, all that's required is an Android device running Android 4.1 or later version and 28MB of free storage -- Tap the Play button and you're on. The game comes with six levels of difficulty, from Easy level with 9 circular bubbles to the Battle level with 25.

Copy.That Android Game

To play the game, you are requested to choose a particular level and try to memorize the line which the app ticks the circles which turn into colored balls. This, very challenging because each level begins with two tickings and ends when all available options to be ticked are finished, and you have finally finished the level. After each result, the game will tell your "IQ". While this game cannot be a factor in determining your IQ, is possible that it will tease and challenge your memory.

Copy.That allows you to sign in with your Facebook account to share your best scores and showcase them to your friends. And what's the best feature, it gives you daily awards in Diamonds and Gold Stars, you can convert the diamonds and stars into lives for playing some more. Unlocking levels also will award you with the same feedback.

If you want to check out how much of a memory you have, hit it up and get the Copy.That game on your Android phone from the Play store or App Store for iOS devices..
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Monday, 3 October 2016

Alboz Bledi

Finding an Overhead Crane and Hoist Repair Service

Companies that are in the construction industry rely on their various pieces of equipment to perform quality work. Therefore, they must always make sure that their equipment is always working correctly. This will occasionally require the experience of a trained technician. Do you have an overhead crane or hoist that has not been performing as well as it has in the past? If this is the case, it will need to be repaired by someone who knows what he is doing. Here are a few of the best ways for you to go about locating a great place to get your overhead crane and hoist repaired.

1. Is the technician trained to repair the exact brand of crane or hoist that you have?

Not all of the overhead cranes and hoists are made the same. In fact, they can be quite different depending on the company that made it. Therefore, you can't simply hand over your crane or hoist to any technician and expect them to repair it. You need to be totally certain that the technician has been certified to repair cranes and electric chain hoists that are made by the company that produced your piece of equipment. This is the only way that you can be totally sure that your crane or hoist will be repaired properly.

2. How soon can the technician start to repair your crane or hoist?

Some repair companies are backed up because they have too many things to repair and not enough technicians to handle all of the work. Therefore, you will need to ask the repair company for the exact day that repairs will begin on your piece of equipment. This will prevent you from waiting endlessly for a call from the company telling you the repair is done. You would be wise to consult multiple companies to see which one will repair your machine the fastest.

3. Does the repair technician have a license?

You should not allow any unlicensed technician to work on your crane or hoist. Getting a license requires the technician to pass a large amount of tests. You will have the peace of mind knowing that your piece of machinery is in good hands if the person who is working on it has a valid license. You should also find out if the technician and the repair company are covered by insurance.
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Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Matt Rhoney

How Technology is Altering Transportation

Our modes of transportation are constantly changing with the progression of time. Thinking back to historic times, when we first started traveling by horse and buggy, and now when we have a multitude of cars, busses, and even the introduction of automated cars - it's sometimes hard to fathom. Our advancements made within the transportation industry are phenomenal, and imaging what is to come down the road is something that may be hard to imagine.

With the evolution of various methods of transporting ourselves, comes the creation of different types of technology that help assist these transportation methods. With any advancement, newer technology is always trying to replace older technology, and become more sophisticated with its processes.

What are some of the ways in which our processes have been altered when it comes to transportation and technology?


One of the largest, and most popular advancements in technology that has assisted our ways of commuting is the use of Uber. Via a downloadable app, Uber customers are able to input their current location (by enabling location settings on their smartphone) and locate an uber driver in their area.

The process is exactly the same as obtaining a Taxi, but with Uber, users can request a ride without having to call in. It's a great alternative method to calling a cab company, and not knowing exactly when they will arrive. With Uber, users are able to track the exact location of their driver, and are updated with notifications regarding the estimated time of arrival for their driver.

Crash Maps

By interpreting crash data via governmental and state databases, various accident and crash maps have been developed. These accident maps are often developed to keep citizens safe and well-informed when it comes to dangerous areas within their city where accidents are more problematic.

An excellent example of a crash map that was developed for Texas residents helps to outline the type of accident seen within three major interstates within central Texas. The data helps to break down the cause of each fatality within these roadways over the past ten years, and provides updated information and statistics regarding the number of accidents experienced on the same day, in 2014.

Crash maps are an excellent way to break down data that cannot be interpreted by outsiders, and present the findings in an visually pleasing manner for users who are better at visual learning.

City Transit Maps

Another similar technological advancement is the introduction of city transit maps. Companies have developed resources and apps like “Subway time tracker” that allow travelers within the city an opportunity to know exactly when their bus or train will arrive at the terminal. It's a great way to help business men and women plan out the exact time they should leave the office, when they should leave for work, and when to coordinate their lunch schedules, depending upon the precise time that a transit vehicle is arriving.

Check out the different transit maps and generated apps that help to track the exact time of when a bus or train might be arriving in your area. You might be surprised with what you find.

The advancement of technology proves to never fail our expectations. Its interesting to see how the development and advancement of different devices can alter our ability to travel quickly and with more ease as time progresses. Additionally, much can be learned from the development of various resources like crash maps and outlines that are designed to inform citizens of problematic areas they should avoid while commuting.
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Thursday, 15 September 2016

Alboz Bledi

Huawei Honor 8 with dual 12MP cameras launches for $399.99

Huawei Honor 8

Huawei has recently announced a cheaper hi-end smartphone sporting two hi-class cameras on the rear. The new Huawei Honor 8 brings the hi-end phone performance for the budget, priced at just $399.99 it has some of the best features found on a 5.2-inch smartphone. Honor 8 is up for orders via Amazon by now.

The Honor 8 comes boasting a 5.2-inch body made of glass, the front touchscreen display boasts a resolution of 1920x1080 pixels bringing pixel's density at 423 pixel-per-inch. While its greatest feature, the 12MP dual-lens camera features f/2.2 aperture lens, HDR, and LED flash. It records videos at 1080 pixels, no 4K, sorry guys. The selfie camera of the Honor 8 is an 8MP unit with f/2.4 aperture that also records 1080p videos.

Huawei's Honor 8 runs the Hisilicon Kirin 950 octa-core processor with i5 co-processor and 4GB of RAM, 32GB of built-in storage supporting microSD up to 128GB and comes powered by Huawei Emotion UI 4.1 based on Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Another additional feature of the Honor 8 is its large 3,000 mAh battery capacity that supports Quick Charge technology.

In the terms of connectivity, the Huawei honor 8 supports two SIM cards, 4G LTE network, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.2, GPS, and fingerprint sensor located on the back side of the handset. No physical Home button available.

Huawei's Honor 8 features top-notch supports and its pricing is not even close to that of other hi-end phones available right now. Even not close to Huawei's own high-end series of smartphones. It tags price of $399 and is available to order via Amazon.

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Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Dinesh Dhawde

This App Could Save You up to 30% of Your Pocket Money

Whether or not we have become slaves to mobile phones is a different question, but the one that’s more important and which takes the cake is: Are we using mobile phones on a daily basis? Secondly, if we are using phones regularly and are short on money, are there ways to save on the greenbacks that always seem to evade our pockets?

Surprisingly, the answer to the above questions is just one: A resounding “Yes”. Yes, we use our phones daily, and most definitely, there are ways you can save on the money spent on mobile recharges.

The dream online mobile recharge app we are talking about is Bill Bachao. Bill Bachao is here to save us from all the chores of mobile expenses, and budget our financial crisis, at least in terms of mobile recharges.

Let’s talk about cashbacks to begin with. For every recharge you make on your mobile phone, you are guaranteed a cashback between 5 and 10%. That is, 5% on successful recharge of 100 to 249/- , and 10% on 250/- and above. Please read the exact terms and conditions here to know more about cashbacks. Other than recharging, a person can use this app to refer it to another person and earn a referral fee. The earned referral money will reflect as cashback on the app.

You can also win by participating in various interesting contests on the Bill Bachao website.

If you are wondering whether Bill Bachao is limited to just one function of recharging mobile phone, you will be pleasantly surprised that the app is scores of miles past it.

Let’s quickly discuss some other features of this app:

Cashback status:
We talked about cashback, now let’s see whether the app can actually show you those earned cashback in a well, neat way. It does! You can check your cashback balance at will. The app shows you how much of the balance you have remaining for your next recharge.

Balance check:
Once you know the danger, you are one step into overcoming the danger. The Bill Bachao app shows you where you have spent every penny of your balance. We are not exaggerating this. Every call and every SMS you have done is recorded and listed, and shown to you for reference. You can also check which apps on your phone have used your phone data. You can export, if need be, all these details to your email in the form of a report. Mighty efficient for an online mobile recharge app!

Quick recharges:
This mobile recharge app bets on providing simpler and fewer steps to recharging your mobile. A total of 3 steps, we counted. It lets you browse through all the available mobile recharge plans so you don’t have to worry about spending extra, or look for another website for applicable plans. Everything is just there. You can also save your data plans for future use, and if necessary, make simultaneous recharges for your friends and family.

Current network and porting:
With the Bill Bachao app, you can check for the best network in your area for your mobile operator. This is especially useful if you are tired of your current network and looking to port to a different operator. The app shows you the exact signal strength (in unit ASU) and data speed (in Kbps) in any given area. There is more: You can also make porting requests right from the app.

The Self-Help section is a blessing in disguise, the one you may admire more than you intend to. The Self-Help section allows you to make requests for activation or deactivation of various mobile operator services with a stroke of a finger. This is helpful when you claim but are not sure of the value added services on your phone; want to deactivate the (pestering) DND on your phone; etc.

Rest assure, the Bill Bachao app is tried and tested, and works very well in favor of your pocket. We have rounded off our savings through app usage by a large 30%. How about you?

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Monday, 29 August 2016

Alboz Bledi

5 Apps Every Smart Customer Should Have on Their Mobile Phones

Can  you  imagine  your  life  without  a  smartphone?  Difficult,  right?  Cell Phones  were  introduced  to  keep  us  in  touch  with  our  loved  ones,  irrespective  of  our  location.  However,  cellphones  these  days  serve  a  wider  purpose.

The  advent  of  smartphones  has  brought  dramatic  changes  in  our  lives.  Gone  are  the  days  when  cell  phones  were  merely  used  to  call  and  text  people.  Now even the entry-level cheap smartphones  work  as  a  GPS,  a  gaming  console,  a  camera,  a  data  traveller,  and  surprisingly,  a  money  saver  tool  too.  Yes,  you  read  it  right,  smartphones  can  help  you  cut  down  your  expenses  and  make  savings  in  many  ways.

Here  are  some  smart  apps  that  you  must  have  on  your  smartphone  to  make  more  savings.

1.  Skype  or  Viber
Applications  such  as  Skype  and  Viber  have  helped  us  save  on  communication-related  expenditure  to  a  great  extent.  From  international  calls  to  text  messages,  voice  mails  and  most  importantly,  video  calling,  everything  can  be  free  of  cost,  if  either  of  these  apps  are  installed  on  your  phone.  If  you  have  a  stable  Internet  connection,  you  can  stay  connected  with  your  friends  and  families  at  all  times.  Besides  this,  you  can  also  share  pictures,  data,  songs,  wallpapers,  etc.  with  them.

2.  Groupon
Groupon  offers  great  deals  on  shopping,  food  and  drinks,  health  and  wellness,  movies  and  events,  gym  and  fitness,  and  more.  It  is  considered  to  be  one  of  the  best  money  saving  apps.  Whether  you  are  looking  for  a  discount  on  restaurant  meals,  latest  fashion  trends,  or  travel  trips,  Groupon  will  offer  daily  deals  on  each  of  these.

This  is  one  app,  you  can’t  do  without.  As  you  need  to  recharge  our  phones  every  now  and  then,  it  is  essential  to  opt  for  a  reliable  mobile  recharge  app.  Billbachao  is  a  trustworthy  app  that  can  be  used  to  do  mobile  recharge  as  well  as  pay  postpaid  mobile  bill  payments.  This  app  has  some  amazing  features  that  will  help  you  cut  down  your  monthly  phone  expenditure.

The  app  smartly  tracks  your  daily  usage  and  suggests  three  best  mobile  recharge  plans  that  will  help  you  make  more  savings.  You  can  pick  the  plan  that  is  the  most  beneficial  to  you  to  cut  down  your  monthly  phone  expenditure.  The  added  benefit  of  using  this  app  is  that  it  provides  cash back  benefits.  10%  of  the  recharge  amount  or  bill  amount  gets  saved  in  your  Billbachao  wallet.  You  can  use  this  cashback  to  earn  a  discount  on  your  next  transaction.  Moreover,  this  app  provides  all  mobile  recharge  including  Vodafone,  Idea,  Aircel,  Airtel,  Tata  Docomo,  etc.  

4.  Happy  Hours  India
Happy  Hours  app  is  ideal  for  you  if  you  are  a  foody.  This  app  offers  amazing  discounts  on  food  and  drinks  in  eateries  and  bars  you  like.  The  app  will  also  inform  you  about  happy  hours  in  different  restaurants.  It  is  free  of  cost  and  is  now  available  in  over  100  cities.  This  is  a  must  have  app  for  people  who  love  to  try  out  new  eateries.

5.  My  Smart  Price
My  Smart  Price  is  an  app  that  will  help  you  compare  product  prices  and  offers  from  various  websites.  You  can  see  the  prices  and  discounts  of  all  products  offered  by  different  sites  on  a  single  page.  This  clever  app  tracks  about  30  e-commerce  websites  to  give  you  the  best  price  of  the  product.

There  are  many  of  other  apps  that  will  help  you  save  money  in  your  day  to  day  life.  No  matter  how  large  your  phone’s  storage  capacity  is,  you  can't  really  have  all  the  apps  on  your  phone.  However,  if  you  have  installed  these  five  apps,  then  you  are  smart  enough  to  save  a  chunk  of  your  income.
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Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Vinod Kardam

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 - Hands on Review

Let us see some of the features of the Galaxy Note7.At first we shall see why this phone is  not note6. Note7 has many extra features than Note6.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will be made by EXYNOX 8893 or Snapdragon 821 with 4GB/6 GB RAM as the different feature. It is expected that it adds new feature Iris Sensor for high security and it has a bigger display, big inches and curved display. Battery is estimated to be around 3500mAh to 4500mAh. There are also of waterproofing feature with large storage.


When we compare this with iPhone we think that the note7 has more features with good quality of front camera and more security components are been used so that the user can feel secure and good. This is very light weight phone and it is user friendly that everyone can use without any problems. There is good Bluetooth and wireless components which make user comfortable. This smart phone is similar to that of the Samsung galaxy S7. But its earlier version phone Samsung S6 does not support this resistant feature. Features and specification of Samsung edge is same as Samsung note. So the user may not feel uncomfortable to use the phone anywhere and etc. And the IP rate calculated for this mobile and it is 68. It has extra protection feature

Design and Outlook

And also there is an Iris scanner on the forehead of the phone which will help to improve the security of the phone. Compared to the Note5, there is a great change in design and features. And its Display will be 3840 by 2160 pixels. When there is a 734ppi pixel density resulting in an very good sharp and bright display.

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Storage capacities are 32 GB/64 GB/128 GB which can be expanded by MicroSD. The device weigh will be around 169g which is lighter than the Note5. Around 5 million units are going to ship this product. And the expected color are Black Onyx, Silver titanium and blue coral.


Samsung galaxy note7 will have two cameras in it and its maximum resolution will be 12MP and it also have good strong life. And to have a fight with iPhone it has a zoom, its front camera will be 5MP.
Battery: This phone has good battery which will provide a good and better battery life.

Price: This is not cheap product. This is a latest and very expensive product. It is 32 GB model so it can cost more. This can be more than the Samsung galaxy S7 edge. Get Flipkart discount coupons in order to save money.

Components of Note7: 

Samsung is looking give curve at the edges.And there are two sensors and third one can be for the flash. First one will be the front camera second one will the iris scanner which is used to increase the security of the phone. And its display can be of 5.8 inches and it has HD resolution. And it is expected to be curved at the edges. .There is a hole in the right which is used for S-pen. Audio jack is also present which is not there in apple iphone and it has its Bluetooth and wireless headset facility.

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